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Energizer 522 9V Battery 1 Pack

Item Code: 866095

  • Introducing Energizer® MAX® 9V batteries, now with Power Seal Technology.
  • Our 9V batteries hold their power for 5 years, so you can have assured you’ll always have power you can rely on, whether you’re helping to keep your family safe from fire or carbon monoxide or just wanting to start the day on time.
  • A 5 year shelf life means that you can be confident you’ll always have power when you need it most.
  • that's positivenergy!

  • Swallowing may lead to serious injury or death in as little as 2 hours due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus.
  • Keep in original package until ready to use.
  • Dispose of used batteries immediately.
  • (2) Risk of injury due to fire, explosion or leakage.
  • Do not disassemble, charge, crush or expose to fire or high temperatures.