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Banlice Mousse 200G

Item Code: 082875

  • BANLICE®Mousse treats head lice & their nits (eggs) with one 10 minute application

  • BANLICE® Mousse is approved for use on children from 2 years of age.
  • If a child under 2 years has head lice, or if you are pregnant & wish to treat yourself, we recommend you first consult your local GP for advice.
  • BANLICE® Mousse contains natural pyrethrins, which are insecticides that come from chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Natural pyrethrins are generally recognised to be amongst the least toxic insecticides available for human use.BANLICE® Mousse also contains piperonyl butoxide to provide a synergistic effect - that is, to help the pyrethrins work more effectively.
  • Applying to dry hair allows the full concentration of insecticide to act on lice & nits i.e.
  • it is not first diluted by water.
  • Wetting the hair gives a warning signal to lice & nits to "batten down the hatches", making it harder for an insecticide applied to wet hair, to do its job properly.